The falsification of the inscriptions transliteration in the “”Greek”” Corpus of Epigraphy?

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2 fjali

It is clearly visible not SIMIA LYKISKOI but FIMIA XIYNEPON(FIMIA HYJNERON)= The child deifies

The unusual word XIYNERON, which falls short of our expectation to be a “Greek” one,  possibly a variation of the ευχη (pray to the Gods),  “strangely” looks very Albanian: hyjneron a verb (3-rd singular) derived from the noun Hy-u=God, Deity

English (2 entries.)                                                                                        Shqip (2 hyrje.)
         deity                                                                                        hyjni (sh hyjni), hy {m} (tsh hyu) (sh hyj)
          God                                                                                                              hy {m} (tsh hyu) (sh hyj)



The child is deified, let it be for the good.