It has always been an interesting case in the scholars works, studying  words with an unical meaning, whose cognates in other languages do not  exist, even inside the same languages families.

Let’s see one of them . The word ‘qeleshe‘ in Albanian is unical, like it’s unical the object it represents.

Different types of the Albanian ‘qeleshe’


What a qeleshe is?

A qeleshe is a traditional skull cap, which Read more of this post


What is Hellenism?

You get plenty of definitions about this word; it’s been labeled: an “esthetic movement”, “the Greek people and their culture”, “the academic study of ancient Greece”, or even “the proper use of the Greek language”.

Studying the definition of this word is worth considering since is only by refuting doing that it could be used on developing a far fetched propaganda, whose Hellenism is the foundation.  The strange thing is that you never get a definition what Hellenism really is: an ideology.

The Hellenism embodies a hypothesis (now on “widely accepted”) for the natural connection between mysterious Ancient Greek race and  today’s population of the so called Modern Greeks.   This ideology was created around 18-19th century with the sole purpose: developing a new national conscience over people who were living in a territory “academically” described by some western scholars as the land of the “Ancient Greeks”.  

The unusual thing with it, is that Read more of this post